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Swordsman: After a few thousand years of intense training, Swordsmen have become experts at using swords and shields.
Hunter: Hunters can survive in the toughest conditions. They are efficient with long distance attacks but are extremely.
Herbalist: Their art originated from Ascaron. The Herbalists excel at all kinds of cures and use their gift to empower and aid others.
Crusader: Wielding two single-handed swords simultaneously they are a fearsome sight. Crusaders are able to attack faster.
Champion: In order to pursue greater strength, Champions have given up the use of a shield so they are able to wield two weapons.
Sharpshooter: Although their bows are revered for their long ranges, the fire gun does greater amount of damage to make.
Cleric: They are herbalists who concentrate solely on healing skills and excel in medical skills and support spells .........
Seal Master: Using herbal research, they are able to curse and weaken enemies. Seal Master! Rules!! XD XD ........
Explorer: They brave fierce gales and the raging seas to explore uncharted waters and make use of Energy Coral to channel energy.
Voyager: They have been made famous by traveling across vast oceans and through uncharted waters where even brave explorers.

Character Advancement

Class Promotion

There are a variety of classes that each character can specialize in.

When players reach level 9, they can talk to their respective NPC to start the quest that is needed to select their basic class. When they reach level 40, they can specialize their class further by doing another quest. 

  Class City NPC Level Requirement
1 Swordsman Argent Castle Guard C Peter 10 1000 + Courage Certificate
2 Hunter Icicle Icicle Swordsman - Ray 10 1000 + Hunter Manual
3 Herbalist Shaitan High Priest C Gannon 10 1000 + Righteous Document
4 Explorer Argent Little Daniel 10 1000 + Survival Compass
5 Crusader Argent Castle Guard C Peter 40 Completion of Quest
6 Champion Argent 40
7 Cleric Shaitan High Priest C Gannon 40
8 Seal Master Shaitan 40
9 Sharpshooter Icicle Icicle Swordsman - Ray 40
10 Voyager Argent Little Daniel 40