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Tales of Pirates is a fully 3D designed multiplayer online game based on 5000 years of background history with Piracy as its central theme. It is comical in nature and has humorous looking characters and creatures. The games scenery is splashed with bright and beautiful colors everywhere. The exaggerated movements and actions of characters as well as objects, topped with an atmosphere that is very relaxed, makes the game consistently entertaining and always interesting and fresh for newbies and veteran players alike.

TalesMania Server Information:

*New Maps:

* Warlord lv65-, map for players level 65-, with boss that drops gems and the item (Top Emblem),
You exchange this item for Kylin Set, Crystal and Unlucky gem, 100% Forging, Wind Coral lv 7.
It opens at 5:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m., 9:00 p.m. (Server time).
Portal is open 1:30 p.m. and the map is open 3:00 p.m.

* Chaos Special, Map exclusive for players level 65-, Has the same effects as Chaos
Argent, but has excellent drops, such as Crystal and Azarel gem and exclusive award for
Map opens every day at 12: 00hrs (Server Time).

* Dark Swamp and Forsaken City, Exclusive Map for players level 65-, All mob drops
The ToPirata Card, grab and trade these cards for Azareal Gem, Soul of Super Kylin,
Grandiose set Part (Random) and other great gems in the NPC ToPirata Card - Exchanger in
Argent City (2291, 2713).

*New NPCs:

* Select Apps 2017 - Shop in Shaitan City (906,3549)
* Exchanger - Rock Icy in Shaitan City (811,3643)
* Clothes - Shop in Argent City (2252,2788)
* PK Coin - Exchanger in Shaitan City (886,3540), Earn PK Coin when you win a PK map alone.

*New effects:

*Mini stun added to the Voyager Conch.
*Super Saiyajin Blue Mode, increasing + 30% of your Status for 30 seconds
*Admiral Cloak, leave in the 5th slot and win +10 of all statuses.

* Boss Drops:

Volcanic Beast: 5x crystal gem chest, + Iron man app + Unseal 85 weapons

Black dragon: Black Dragon gems + Black dragon set + Soul to fuse Hyper kylin, Weapon death chest

Demonic World Boss: Vip kill dw1 + Gyoza dw1 + Crystal gem + Azareal gem, Super gem

Demonic World 3 Boss: 2x Enigma chest (unseal 65 boe,etc..) + Azareal gem + Kal runestone + Crystal gem + Black dragon gem + Death set full

DarkHouse Boss: 2x mordo jr + 3 azz gem + 3 cry gem

Temple of lilith boss: Dark weapon chest + 5x Crystal gem chest +God Star+ Novice possession

Dark Room 1: Refing gem + Kal runestone + 2x Azareal gem + 2x Crystal gem + Mordo pet

Dark Room 2: Refing gem + Kal runestone + 2x Azareal gem + 2x Crystal gem + Mordo jr pet

Dark Room 3: Refing gem + Kal runestone + 2x Azareal gem + 2x Crystal gem + Top ring olympos [Random]

Lava Dragon(Vulcanic isle): Kit Super party exp fruit + Kit battle potion + Kit Blessed potion + Kit Harden potion

Boss Soul(Aurora): Fairy light + Weapons 95(Hard drop) + Weapons 85 + Death set full

HalloweenBoss RN: Mordo jr + 5x Azareal gem + 2x Hyper party exp fruit

HalloweenBoss: Weapons 85 + 5x Azareal gem + 2x Hper party exp fruit

Abyss Beast - Ku: 3x Ralty mask + Great gem

Boss Stone Ghost(Death Circle): 3x Great gem + 3x Azareal gem + thunder pet.

* Mazes Awards:


1st = 250k in money + 100rep + 100 honor + wyrm app sword + Fried Dough + Sandbag level 4.

2nd = 150k in money 80rep, 80 honor, flash bomb lv 5, sandbag level 3, friend dough.

3rt = 75k in money 50rep, 50 honor, flash bomb lv 5, Friend Dough, Sandbag level 3.

Chaos Argent:

1 Winner = 5x Vip kill + 5x Kal + 3x azz gem + Raffle(3x 100% forge or Crystal gem or Chest enigma 65 weapons or chest enigma 65 set or death weapons ) 250k money.

5 Winners = 250k money(divided by the number of winners) + 3x azz gem + 3x vip kil.

Bounty Hunter:

1 Winner = 250k money + 3x azz gem + king pk emblem + 3x vip kill + 5x battle potion + 5x great gem chest.

5 Winners = 250k money(divided by the number of winners) + 1x vip kill + 2x winter hard ticket.

Chaos Special:

1 Winner = 1m money + 1 mordo jr + 15x kal + 15x azz gem + 10x cry gem + 15x vip kill + 1x king ring emblem.

5 Winners = 1m money(divided by the number of winners) + 3x kal + 5x azz gem + 3x vip kill + 1 king ring emblem.

Garden Angels:

1 Winner = 5x harden potion.

5 Winners = 2x harden potion.

So, if you are one who is up to the challenge of challenging the best and most ruthless pirates on the seas, if you are one who enjoys the freedom of exploration, or who desires to live a life of fantasy and danger and has an adventurous spirit, then you can't miss TOP!

* Server Rates and Info:

Solo Exp = 40x

Party Exp = 42x

Fairy Exp = 20x

Drop Rate = 10x

Ship Exp = 100x

* Dedicated Server:

2x Intel Xeon Quad Core 2.5Ghz

24G Memory Ram

Link 1gbs Full Duplex

* Class Balanced Status:

We are using the original balance.

* Skills changed:

Voyager skills can be used without the Coral

Cleric, Seal Master and Voyager Bolts add 30% max Damage

Seal of Elder Stun enemy for 4 secunds

Shadow Insignia add Damage fixed and poison effect for 10 secunds in enemy

Conch Ray can be Mini-Stun in enemys in all maps

Might Strike of the Champions now Slowing enemy

Rebirth Skills incresed the damage power

Added new Skill for Rebirth Level 2, that can be enter in invulnerable mode for 6 secunds

* Overview of Server:

Max Level of Players is Lv100

Max Level of Fairys is Lv75

New systen in mazes to advance

Forsaken and DarkSwap droping ToPirata Card

New Maps

99% of the items can be obtained in game by NPC, Quests or Drops from Boss

All Apareals in NPC

Unique Gems, Chipeed Gems, Cracked Gems, Broken Gems and Normal Gems selling in NPC

Gem of Soul, Great Gem of Soul and Azareal Light can be forge in Gloves and Boots

Kal Exchanger for many types itens

Fairy Coins Exchanger

Reputation Shop

Rebirth Quest level 1, 2 and 3 in NPC

Black Dragon gems in NPC for wood

Bonus Exp at Weekend

* Maps:

All Normal Maps

Chaos Argent

Chaos Icicle

Chaos Special - at 11:00 and 23:00hrs


Abbadon 5+

Dark Area

Bouty Hunter

Glacier Armagedon

Arena Isle

Winter Island

Thundoria Mirage to level up player level 70 more

Summer Isle to level up player level 70 more

* How to make money:

Smuglers drops Fake document that can be sold for 1k each

380x Wood = 250,000g in npc Farm/Money in Argent City (2167,2773)

400x Wood = 250,000g in npc Farm/Money in Argent City (2167,2773)

999x MayDayCard = 250,000g in npc Farm/Money in Argent City (2167,2773)

All Fairys give Fairy coin and Elven fruit to recover HP in each Growth

FC, DS drop ToPirata card, you can exchange this itens for the best gens and itens on NPC

Exchange reputation for money in the NPC 'Reputation - Shop' in Argent City (2245,2785).

Can farm wanted items such as Gems, Weapons, Wood, Sashimi, Ring and etc., and sell them at Stall for the price you think is fair.

Can make the LB quest and then go to the NPC 'Diviner - Hocus Pocus' in Spring Town (3262,2500) open fortune lot with the help of Mystic Clover to have chances of earning money if you lose anything in return.

You can kill the boss 'Abyss Beast - Ku' in Argent City (2145,2811) and get up to 1m of Money.

The 'Furtune Money' map has mobs that drop money, it opens in Argent City (2170,2753) at 05hrs, 11hrs, 17hrs, 23hrs.

Reputation Shop with Sandbags, Kylin set and much more

* How to got Kal RuneStone:

Forsaken City Chests

Dark Swap Chests

Demonic World 1 Chests

Demonic World 3 Chests

Barborosa Drops

Death Soul Comander Drops

Demonic World 1 Boss

Demonic World 2 Boss

Demonic World 3 Boss

Forsaken City Boss

Dark Swap Boss

Abbadon 5+ Boss Drops

* How to got Refining Gem:

Drops of mobs in Demonic World

Drops in All Bosses

Arena 3

NPC Exchanger Elven Signet for Refining Gem

NPC Exchanger Reputation

NPC Exchanger Fairy Coins

NPC Exchanger Chaos Vouchers and Monster Voucher that drop in CA, CI, BH, GA

* How to got Unique Gems:

NPC Gem Store for 50k each

Demonic World 3 Chests

All Boss Drops

Chaos Expert Chests

* How to got Black Dragon Gems:

Demonic World 3 Boss Drop

Black Dragon

NPC Wood exchanger

* How to got Super Gems:

Topirata Card - Exchanger in Argent City (2293,2711)

Demonic World 1 Boss Drop

Demonic World 2 Boss Drop

Demonic World 3 Boss Drop

Abbadon Boss 5+

Black Dragon

NPC Exchanger

* How to got Great Gems:

Kal - Exchanger in Argent City (2231,2804)

Expert Chaos - Exchanger in Argent city (2227,2750)

Demonic World 1 Boss Drop

Demonic World 2 Boss Drop

Demonic World 3 Boss Drop

Abbadon Boss 5+

Black Dragon

NPC Exchanger

* How to got Azrael Gems:

Topirata Card - Exchanger in Argent City (2293,2711)

Black Dragon Drop [Drops are of around 65% at most, using Hi-amp + Poss Mordo Jr]

Chaos Argent

Chaos Special

Bounty Hunter

Boss Dark Room

Boss Dark House

Boss Demonic World

Boss HalloweenBoss

Boss HalloweenBoss RN

Abbadon 10+

UnderWolrd Maze Boss Drops

Aurora and Dark Area Boss Drops

* How to got Crystal Gems:

Drops from many bosses.

Drops from Chaos Special chest.

Drops from Chaos Special prize.

You can exchanger 10 Azrael gem for 1 Crystal gem in Gem Upgrade - Exchanger in Shaitan City(894,3555).

* How to got Diamond Gems:

You can exchanger 10 Crystal gem for 1 Diamond gem in Gem Upgrade - Exchanger in Shaitan City(894,3555).

* How to got Death Set:

Weapons NPC in Argent City (2220,2811)!

Drops of Abbadon Boss 10

* How to got Death Weapons:

Weapons NPC in Argent City (2220,2811)!

Drops of Abbadon Boss 10+

* How to got Unseal 95 Equips:

GodStar - Exchanger (2217,2714)

Volcanic Beast Boss

Boss Soul

Aurora and Dark Area Boss [To unseal this equips need runes + Death Equip Part]

* How to got Unseal 97 Equips:

Black Dragon Drop

* How to got Unseal 98 Equips:

Abyss Lord - Hardin(Hard Drop)

* Special Quests:

Hexalon Quest now gives alot of Exp and Gold.[Open only at Saturday 22PM until Midnight and Sunday 12PM until 14PM]

Story Quest give alot of Exp and Points now.